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Connect and express fearlessly through
Argentine Tango

Feel and connect with yourself and others in the moment
Express yourself fearlessly in a creative and powerful way
Embody your highest self in a playful and open manner
that goes far beyond the confines of the dance floor.

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After years touring and teaching around the US as a dancer, singer, and actor, Kelly walked into her first Argentine Tango class in New York City and came out forever changed.  Her professional training began immediately, eventually leading her to teach and perform all over the globe. She is currently based in Buenos Aires.Kelly’s journey in Tango has taken her from dancing “a la gorra” on a sidewalk in Buenos Aires, to representing Argentina on a float in front of millions of people in New York City’s Hispanic Day Parade. She has choreographed Tango Off Broadway in The Imbible and onscreen was featured in Tanghetto’s award winning short film, A Walk of Contrasts. Her journey has taken her from the US, where she became the country’s official Vice Champion of Tango de Pista in 2016, to Asia where she was a featured performer at the Manila Tango Marathon. On the East Coast of the US, Kelly was a faculty member at Steps on Broadway and Astoria Tango Club. On the West Coast, she won the categories of Jack and Jill and Milonga at the Southern California Tango Championship.

To no one’s surprise, even though her 2020 plans got interrupted by the current world situation, Kelly not only moved her coaching and classes to Zoom, she performed online for worldwide audiences for events based in NYC, Mexico, Stockholm, and London. She also presented Argentine Tango at the One World Tantra Festival, the Virtual Intimacy Retreat, TantraU, the Stockholm Tantra Festival, Vermilion, and Pinky Promise.

Join Kelly this June at the One World Tantra Festival, on Patreon, and in her weekly group and private sessions

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